Ashanti Celebrates her 32nd Birthday with Nelly, T.I., and Tiny

Check out photos from Ashanti's 32nd birthday bash in Atlanta.

Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez to Host "X-Factor"

Khloe Kardashian and Mario have officially closed a deal to be host on "X-Factor".

Rick Ross Shoots Video for "Diced Pineapples"

Rick Ross recently shot a video for his new single "Diced Pineapples off of his new album "God Forgives, I Don't.

Megan Fox Gives Birth to Baby Boy!

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world on Semptember 27, 2012.


Kim Kardashian Forgets to Wear Her Panties to Dinner!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West head to Dinner at Prime 112 in Miami but Kim "forgets" her panties.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Prepare for Secret Wedding in Italy!!!

Brace yourself everyone because the secret but not so secret wedding of Jessic Biel and Justin Timberlake is about to go down in Italy.  According to my sources the couple has been celebrating in Italy with close friends and family all while prepping for waht seems like an impromptu to wedding. 

The couple have been keeping their wedding details on lock down in order to keep people like me (or should I say us) out of their business.  So all we really know right now is that the wedding si to take place in Italy.  we still lack details like what Jessica Biel will be wearing, the venue and even the guest list.  Well, I guess Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel do deserve some level of privacy.  Just as long as they provide us with all the details afterwards.  You know I will go kray kray if I don't get any info soon!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ashton Kutcher is Ranked as Highest Paid Television Actor

Two and a Half Men Star Ashton Kutcher has been named as televisions highest paid actor, according to Forbes.  According the the annual survey of highest paid television actors, Ashton Kutcher raked in a cool $24 million between the months of May 2011 and May 2012.  His Two and a Half Men predecessor charlie sheen did not even make the top ten. 

Right behind Ashton Kutcher is the star of televisions hospital drama House, Hugh Laurie who earned $18 million .  What was suprising to me is the fact that Ray Romano earned just as much as Hugh Laurie.  I guess that can be largely contributed to re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond.  I am a big fan of House as well as Everybody Loves Raymond so I guess I should not be all that shocked. 

Wyclef Jean Post Semi Nude Pic on Twitter to Celebrate 43rd Birthday

In celebration of his 43rd birthday, Wyclef Jean posted a semi nude picture of himself straddling a  motorcycle on twitter.

The Fugee's singer/rapper showed off his toned physic outside of his house while straddling his Ducati motorcylce and wearing what looks like a pair of red bikini briefs.  He even took the time to oil himself up.  In addition to theh picture he had this to say; "TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look and feel 26! U can't keep a good Man down!Keep a smile when they want you to frown! (sic)".

Well, Wyclef is certainly looking good but I personally think this picture is a bit much.  Seems like he is tryin to prove a point here, although I am not exactly sure what that point is.  Mid life crisis maybe?  Oh well, Happy Birthday Wyclef Jean, you look great!

Flavor Flav Arrested on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in Las Vegas

Flavor Flav after being arrested on Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

Ex rapper and reality show star Flavor Flav was locked up on Wednesday on felony and misdemeanor charges after threatning to attack his fiancee's teenage son with a knife following an argument between himself and his fiancee, according to police.

Flavor Flav, known legally as William Johnathan Drayton Jr., was arrested at about 3:30am on October 17th , 2012 at his home in Las Vegas.  According to a patrol officer, no on was injured in the altercation.  The 53 year old former rapper and reality television star is currently being held on $23,000 bail at Clark County Jail pending an initial court appearance this morning, October 18, 2012. 

Flavor Flav is mostly know as a member of the 1980's and 1990's rap group Public Enemy who were know for their politically and socially charged lyrics.  As well as starring in the reality television show Flavor of Love. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Give Birth to Baby Boy!

Congratulations to Megan Fox, and Brian Austin Green who gave birth to a lovely baby boy on September 27, 2012.  The Transformer's actress released the news via facebook saying: 

"We have been very lucky to have had a peacful few weeks at home, but I would like to release this myself before others do.  I gave birth to our son Noah Shannon Green on September 27, 2012.  He is healthy, happy and perfect."
The sexy Megan Fox seems to be over joyed with the birth of her first son. This will be Brian Austin Greens second child. He has a 10 year old son from a previous relationship. I am sure the pair are very excited with the birth of their new baby boy. I can only suggest that they attempt to get as much rest as possible and sleep whenever the baby sleeps.  Again, congratulations!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez to Host "X-Factor"

According to TMZ, who has sources close to the show, Khloe Kardashian and Mario have signed on the dotted line to host "X-Factor".  Khloe and Mario will debut as host on the talent show in November of 2012.  No one seems to know exactly how much Khloe Kardashian or Mario Lopez will be paid to host the show, but rumor has it that their salaries will add millions to the "X-Factor" budget.

I know that Mario Lopez is multi-talented and therefor makes sense as a judge on "X-Factor", but I have no idea why they thought Khloe Kardashian would make a good judge.  Don't get me wrong, Khloe is my favorite Kardashian sister. She is always sure to just tell it like it is....maybe that is what they see in her.  Hopefully she will be sure to bring that "tell it like it is" attitude to the show.  Otherwise, I just don't get it. 

Usher Celebrates 34th Birthday in London With Tom Cruise

Usher's birthday was this past Sunday and he was photographed celebrating at diner with Tom Cruise. Who knew Usher and Tom Cruise were such good pals?
Usher's birthday celebration did not stop there.

He has plans to celebrate all week long. Later that night he moved the party to Bodega Negra for another diner with rappers Tinie Tempa and Dizzee Rascal. As well as singer Fiona Lewis. Lets not forget the girls in black paint!

Oh no, Usher is not done yet! He later went to see singer George Michael perform at the city's Earl's Court Venue. Keep your eyes peeled, Usher could be scene continuing his birthday celebration week in a city near you. Happy Birthday Usher!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kim Kardashian wears Sheer Skirt but Forgets Panties

Kim and Kanye headed to dinner at Prime 112
 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted out in Miami headed to dinner at Prime 112.  Kim was wearing and obviously sheer, gray pencil skirt but wait a appears that she has forgotten to wear panties.  How much do you want to bet that this was done on purpose. She know that the camera's follow her EVERYWHERE that she goes so there is no way that she just "forgot" to put her panties on.  Yup, she is a real "class act"

Convieniently enough, the couple ran into Reggie Bush on the way out of the restaurant.  How strategic.  A camera woman approached Kim and Kanye and when she asked if Kanye had taken the time to congratulate Reggie Bush on his girlfriends pregnancy Kanye pushed the camera way to prevent further taping.  Oh c'mon Kanye, you know you wanted to be taped and photographed.  That's why you told kim not to wear her panties to dinner.  Check out the pics below.

Kim where are your PANTIES!!

I can't even hate.....That bi*#$ fine!

Ashanti Celebrates Her 32nd Birthday with Nelly, T.I. and Tiny

This past Friday Ashanti celebrated her 32nd birthday out in Atlanta at Reign.  Ashanti's birthday was on October 13, 2012 (this past Saturday).

Ton's of people came out to show love and help Ashanti celebrate.  Her Man Nelly presented her with a pink, 3 tiered cake with her pictures and album covers all over it.  Her baby sister Shia was also in attendance as well as her mom (Tina Douglas) and dad.  T.I and Tiny even took the time to come through. 

Ashanti looked great in her body conscious, black and gold dress that was hugging every curve just right.  Of course Nelly did his best to color coordinate with his Nike's with gold embellishment.  Everybody looked good and partied hard.  Check out the picks below.
Ashanti and Nelly Arriving at Reign
Ashanti with her lil sis Shia and Mom & Dad

Ashanti with Nelly, T.I. and Tiny

Ashanti with her lil sis Shia

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rihanna Releases Vogue US Cover via Instagram

Rihanna has released the new Vogue US cover which was shot buy photographer Annie Leibovitz this morning via Instagram. This is not Rihanna's first Vogue cover; she also covered Vogue Italiana in September 2009 and Vogue UK in November 2011.

On this cover of Vogue Rihanna is sporting a short new pixy do while kneeling in a field of grass in a strapless red lace dress. It is hard to take your eyes off of Rihanna as she stares intensely at the camera through smokey eyes.

This issue will be on stands next week with an interview that will focus on Rihannas "rock star" life style. Be sure to get your hands on a copy as soon as it hit stands.

Tamera Mowry-Housley Defends Political Beliefs on Twitter

It all started Thursday night, October 11th, during the Vice Presidential debate. Tamera Mowry innocently re-tweeted a follower who said they were having a hard time following the debate because the candidates kept talking over each other. Well, couple that comment with the fact that Tamera is married to a white man who happens to work for Fox News, Adam Housley, and the people on twitter took that as an attack on Biden and support for Romney.
That is when the attacks on twitter started to fly. A lot of them being racially motivated. Tamera attempted to make it clear that she had not admitted to supporting either political party, yet that was not enough to calm down the folks on twitter. Hubby came to the rescue to defend his wife and put the people who ignited the racial comments to shame.
Check out the actual twitter comments from Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nelly's Tour Bus Raided, Heroin and Weed Found

Yesterday Nelly's tour bus was raided in Texas when a stash of heroine, weed, and a loaded gun were found inboard. Nelly and the rest of the tour bus passengerswere detained but later released without being charged wheno one of Nelly's homeboys admitted to being the owner of the illegal stash. Nelly says he had nothing to do with this incident, besides being a passenget on the bus when the raid began. According to he released this statement via his reps:
"It is my understanding a member of my staff made an unfortunate decision to bring unlawful materials onto our tour bus that resulted in his arrest this morning, October 11th. Neither I nor anyine else on the tour bus was awate of his decision to bring these on board. Law enforcement officials in Sietra Blanca, Texas did not press charges against anyone other than that individual."
I am glad that the dude who decided to pack his bags with illegal items and then go on tour with Nelly, actually owned up to his actions and did not allow nelky to take the fall. However, Nelly needs to do inventory on his close circle offriends and his friend's friends because situations like this should not even happen.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rick Ross New Video for "Diced Pineapples" Track

A couple weeks ago Rick Ross shot a new music video for his single "Diced Pineapples" featuring Wale and Drake off of his new "God Forgives, I Don't" album.  If you have not heard this track please take some time to do so.  The intro features some spoken word poetry from Wale over a sultry piano riff.  Then Ross comes in speaking on chicks who smell like pinapples or something.  I did not pay much attention after Wale stopped talkin but it is still a great track worth the listen. Of course Drake does his thing on the hook as usual. 

The video was shot at the beautiful Viceroy hotel on the island of Anguilla. Mainly it is just a peep into the life or Rick Ross as he vacations on this beatiful island with his homeboys Drake, and Wale.  Of course there is a gorgeous bevy of women for them to socialize with. It would not be a vacation without the ladies now would it. Basically Ricky Rozay is letting us know just how well he can treat his lady. Check it out below.


Kris Jenner To Host Daily Talk Show on Fox

Kris Jenner, also know as Kim Kardashian's momager, is looking into hosting a daily talk show that will air on Fox. Nooooo, sorry this is the first thing that entered my head when I discovered this news.  I am deeply in love with daytime television and the last thing I need is for this woman to ruin it for me.  Of course this could just be a rumor, and I was hoping that was the case, but no such luck.  A rep for Kris Jenner said that she "has been in discussions for two years to do a talk show."

Ugh, my heart just dropped. So now I must prepare myself for unappreciated interruption of my currently pleasant daytime TV experience. Kris Jenner has co-hosted The Talk and the Today so I guess she feels that she is qualified to host her own show now. Deadline reports that the talk show could air as early as next summer for a six-week test run.  It is safe to say that I most definitely will not be watching.  I just do not find her to be entertaining enough to warrant hosting a daily, daily being the key term her, talk show. I can only stomach her in small doses, once a week, after 10pm. Now Klohe Kardashian in the other hand is witty and always tells it like it is.  She is more deserving of a daily talk show and I would tune in religiously.  I guess I should be happy that there are no reports that Kim Kardashian will be hosting a show.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lil Wayne Kisses Stevie J On Lips On Stage -- Video

Lil Wayne is back at it again.  Kissing rappers and movin' on like nothing even happened.  This time there is video of him kissing Stevie J on stage in Miami (check it out below).  On stage in front of all his adoring fans!  I am just a little bit confused. Is the act of one straight man kissing another straight man on the lips the new hip thing to do now? I tend to be removed from whats going on out there in the streets so I have to ask these questions. 

Really no on should be surprised that Lil Wayne is yet again seen kissing a man on the mouth.  That is what he does. We all know about him kissing Birdman and his excuse was that Birdman is like a farther to him.  Well what is his excuse for kissing Stevie J?  Maybe he just could not resist that rat face of his.  I'm just sayin.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kim Kardashian Jealous of Ex's Girlfriend Being Pregnant

Reggie Bush is expecting a child with his current girlfriend Lilit Avagyan and apparently Kim Kardashian is devastated with this development.  In her world if your are black and play professional sports then you should only be impregnating her and her alone.  Maybe I went to far....maybe. 

The Miami Dolphins Running Back and his model girlfriend have been dating for about a year now and reports are saying that she is most definitely preggers.  Now even though Kim Kardashian has nothing but good things to say about her current man Kanye West, people close to her say that she is disappointed that she too cannot move on with her life.  She still has a lot of issues to clear up concerning her messy divorce from Kris Humphries. 

So really she is just jealous. Hey, I only call it like I see it.  I have been saying that she was jealous of her sisters for a very long time now. Consider the fact that one has two kids, the other is happily married and Kim has nothing even close to that.  So what does she do.....jump from relationship to relationship looking for the next best thing.  She will never be happy because she is in a constant state of competition.  And the recent rumors of her being unhappy about the news of her ex having a baby just proves my point.  At least she admits that she has a bad habit of rushing into things.

"When I look back at interviews I gave (about previous boyfriends) saying, 'We're talking about marriage, etc.' it's embarrassing. And I really believed it at the time! I'm such a hopeless romantic that I'll always believe the next one is the one.".
Try to be happy for other people Kim.  Everything is not about you or a reflection on you. I'm just sayin'.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Back Together...For Now!

So Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are officially back together.  How covienient that is since they will soon have to honor their contractual obligations to promote their upcoming movie Breaking Dawn : Part 2 together.  I absolutely do not believe that this reconciliation between the two actors is legit. 

To tell you the truth Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do not even exist in my world.  In my world there is only Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. So I don't even know what all the fuss is about. Bella would never ever in all of eternity even think about steppin' out on Edward so my nerves are straight. While the rest of y'all worry about that other couple you can find me right here behind my keyboard anxiously awaiting Breaking Dawn : Part 2 to satisfy the die hard Twilight fan deep within me.

Just do me a favor, when that Robert and Kristen duo break-up again right after they have completed the rounds of promotion for Breakin Dawn : Part 2 please do not bother to inform me because I don't even know who they are.

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Cee Lo Green to Drop New Christmas Album

The holiday season is coming upon us and I must say that nothing says holidays like a Cee Lo Green Christmas album.  I there is no sarcasm when I say this because I think a Cee Lo Christmas album would be bangin! 

Apparently he will be putting his own unique twist on classics such as "This Christmas", "Silent Night" and "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch".  The best part about this Christmas album is that he will be working with 19 Former Voice contestants. 

"I have truly kept my word and remained committed to everyone," is what Cee Lo said when asked about working with his former team.

"All of my people are coming from season 3 as we stand, and I am going back to season 1 getting Nakia, Nicci, Vicci, Jamar and Chessa."

This Christmas album is to be entitled "Cee Lo's Magic Moment" and is set to be released on October 30, 2012. I will be ready to download this to start my holiday season of right!

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Why is Bristol Palin Still Dancing With The Stars?

I think I am going to have to do some research on what actually makes a person a "star".  I say this because I just do not understand why Bristol Palin qualifies as a "star" and has therefore made it to the all star "Dancing With The Stars" season.  To top things off she is still there...dancing.  Not only is she not a star in my eyes but she also is not much of a dancer either.  This is an issue that continues to frustrate me since I am a huge dancing with the stars fan.  The actual stars that truly deserve to make it to the finale never do.  Unfortunately they succumb to low votes and have to leave early.  While meritless stars like Bristol Palin continue to dance without having any rythm or timing whatsoever.  Well, if you got a chance to catch last nights episode of "Dancing With The Stars" then you know that Bristol is starting to think along the same lines at least according to a comment that she made to her dance partner/teacher.

"I know you're bummed that you don't have Sabrina or Shawn"

Of course Mark Ballas responded in a way that would ease her worries and hopefully lift her self esteem. This would be the correct way to respond.  Yet, it does not change the fact that she can't dance and she is not a star.  Am I the only one willing to say this?  I guess so.  Oh well, it is my opinion and also happens to be the truth.  What I cannot deny is her voter following.  She must be getting votes from all those people who also believe they have talent but really don't. 

Dancing With The Stars.....

Feud Between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Continues

Before the two female American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj even began to start taping we had all been hearing the rumors of the two not being the best of friends.  It's rumored that Mariah Carey had intended to be the only female judge on this season of American Idol so when deals were made for Nicki Minaj to also be a judge it was definitely the start to their very volatile relationship.  The highlight of this hostile relationship being the recently leaked clip of the auditions in Charlotte where Nicki Minaj threatens to knock Mariah Carey out.  If you have not seen this video then you have to check it out below. 

After this video came out the two apparently had a meeting where they both decided to "get along" and move forward.  If you are a fan of televisions "The View" then you know that Mariah had no such plans to move forward without saying just one more thing.  She had a little "pow wow" with Barbara Walters and told her that Nicki threatened to shoot her if she had a gun.  Oh my goodness, things sure are taking an ugly turn.  What surprises me most is that Nicki is supposedly shocked that Mariah decided to share this information since they are supposed to be trying to move past their issues.  Why would she be shocked?  Personally, if someone had threatened to shoot me I think I would definitely try to let everyone I know about that.  Umm, Mariah honey, if you haven't already I think it is time for you to beef up security. Mariah just wants to let people in on the character of the person she has to share a judges table with. 

Well, this seasons is sure to be entertaining but not for the reasons it should be.  It is no longer about the aspiring talent but the increasing tension between Nicki and Mariah. 

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Jay-Z Takes Subway to Barclay Center Performance

Check out Jay-Z on the subway in route to a performance at the Brooklyn Barclay Center last Saturday night. The sight of Mr. Carter on the subway created sheer pandamonium and rightfully so if I do say so myself.  Oh How I wish I could have been on that subway when HOV appeared.  Those are some lucky fans!

Jay-Z to Release EP of Songs From Brooklyn Barclay Shows

If you are anything like me you were not fortunate enought to catch the eight sold-out shows in which Jay-Z performed at the Barclay Center. Yes, he shut it down out in Brooklyn (at least that is what I heard) Do not fret my fellow Hov fan, Jay-Z will be putting out an EP of selected songs featured in the Barclay performances.  The best part is that we will not have to wait long as this EP will be available on Tuesday October 9, 2012 and is to be entitled "Live In Brooklyn".  It's to included 8 songs and videos for you listening and viewing pleasure.  Oh what a treat, I cannot wait to hit Itunes tomorrow and download my copy. 

Jay is such a genourous guy because not only is he providing us with this mini EP but he also gave some Brooklynites the chance to see him in person with out even having a ticket when he decided to take the subway to the Barclay Center last Saturday.  Apparently this was the first time in 18 yrs that he has taken this form of public transportation and from the looks of the video I can definitely see why. All for the fans though which is why you just gotta love HOV!

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Lady Gaga Throws Up On Stage at Barcelona Concert

What is it with performers puking on stage nowadays?  I am starting to think that this is being done intentionally as a way to show their adoring fans just how cool it is to be so wasted that you have to puke while in the midst of doing you job. 

 If you are wondering what I am talking about, take a look at the above video of Lady Gaga throwing up on stage whilst performing "Edge of Glory" in Barcelona, Spain this past weekend. What is most impressive about this is how she almost seamlessly works the act of regurgitation into her dance routine with the hunky male dancer.  Yes Mz Gaga I must give you points for this one.  She also has a good sense of humor about being caught in the act. She posted the above video on Twitter with this caption

"was praying nobody saw but actually it's quite a good laugh if you need one! Check out Lady PukeGa doing Swan 'Vomit' Lake."

Way to go Gaga, you sure know how to be a good example to all your little monsters out there. But what am I saying...I really would not expect anything less from you.  So with that being said you have met and exceeded my expectations of you. 

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Fight at 2012 BET Awards Taping

Rick Ross and Young Jeezy

As I am sure you have all heard by now that the 2012 BET Awards was recently taped in Atlanta and of course it could not be complete with out some sort of incident.  As expected, a fight broke out between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross.  I look forward to the day when a Hip Hop BET Awards show can be completed with out the almost ceremonial fist fight.  Thanks to Jeezy Jeezy and my boy Rick Ross we are gonna have to wait until next year for another chance at the BET Awards without violence.

The taping took place at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center which apparently had to be locked down due the fight between the two Hip Hop rappers. Of course the fight did not end with just a few jabs thrown between the two artist, oh no, it then moved to the parking lot of the Civic Center where gunshots where later heard.  Check out video below of the backstage brawl at the BET Awards taping.

No one seems to know what started the fight.  Young Jeezy and Rick Ross have worked together in the past but for the last several years there has been a feud between the two Hip Hop BET Awards performers.  Apparently the two had some unkind words for each other backstage and the fight just escalated from there. I am truly getting tired of the unnecessary fighting Hip Hop industry. This act is definantly getting old. One would think that we have learned from the senseless murder of Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur but I guess not.  It’s time to grow up.  It is no longer cool to act like a thug.

TMZ later reported that Atlanta police did confirm that there was a fight however there were no arrest made.