Thursday, August 30, 2012

K Michelle's Teeth Before They Got Fixed

So I broke down and watched the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion last night.  I know, I am so ashamed of myself.  Anyway, there was a lot of talk about K Michelle having busted, unattractive teeth before Memphitz decided to "throw her a bone" and fix them.  Now, I love my girl K Michelle because she is stupid funny,  but I just had to do some research and get a look at what her teeth used to look like before. Well, I must say, I am so glad she got those bad boys taken care of because she was looking like a creature for sure!

Now she looks fab and I really don't know why Rasheeda is making such a big deal out of her getting her teeth fix.  I guess it is just a simple matter of her really not having anything else to really say about her so she was grasping for straws.  K Michelle is beautiful and doin' the damn thing, real talk.  I did I mention she is hilarious!  I mean when she said that Karlie Red was marching with Martin Luther King I just about died!!

I think K Michelle needs her own reality show!!! I'm just sayin'.


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