Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens Plays Pole Dancing Stripper

Vanessa Hudgens has certainly come a long way from the innocent days of High School Musical.  The 23 year old actress will be playing the role of a pole dancing stripper in the upcoming file The Frozen Ground which is also set to star Nicolas Cage.

In new shots from the movie that were recently obtained from UK's Sun newspaper Vanessa Hudgens can be seen grinding against a pole just before she gets down on all four's and starts to crawl.  The new thriller movie will also star rapper/actor 50 Cent who is supposed to play a pimp.  How have I not heard about this movie until now?   I will definantly have to keep this on my radar so as to remember to check out The Frozen Ground as soon as it hits theaters. 

It is apparently based on a true story about a serial killerby the name of Robert Hansen who kidnaped and murdered 17 to 21 women.  Vanessa Hudgens' character is manages to escape the serial killer and provides vital details about his identity which helps the detective played by Nicolas Cage track him down.  Gotta check this out guys!


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