Thursday, August 30, 2012

K Michelle Disses Cast of Love and Hip Hop In Track "Shut Up"

Hot off the mother effin' presses.  Listen to K Michelle's New Track "Shut Up".  She is straight dissin' everybody on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta in this new track.  I gotta say the girl got talent.  She really did not even need to be on Love and Hip Hop like those other vulture's, real talk!  One of my favorite lyrics from this track is

"Stop callin' Joseline Joe, She ain't no man but she surely is a hoe"

Stop it K Michelle, I say STOP IT!  This girl don't have no problem with sayin' whatever is on her mind and any real person has to love that about her.  She also addresses all those people who have doubts about her whole domestic violence situation.  I have this to say about that.  I really don't know anybody who would lie about being in a domestic violence situation just for the attention or to further their own career.  So shame on those naysayers, tisk tisk. 

Anyway, check out this track and the rest of the lyrics.  It truly is worth the listen.  Trust me, I'm just sayin'.


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