Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hoopz and Shaq Break Up

It is official. I am about to give you the dirt on the Hoopz and Shaq break up. The former NBA star and current analyst for TNT's Inside the NBA made the decision to put an end to his relationship with Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander who you may remember from the reality dating show Flavor of Love. 

So you may be wondering what caused this break up between Nicole and Shaq.  Well sources say that the two have been on the rocks ever since break up rumors first began.  The straw that broke the camels back apparently has something to do with Nicole inability to handle her temper.  Gossip sites are saying that Shaquille's decision for the break up came on the heals of an arguement that the two recently had outside an orlando area gym. 

Apparently the couple was turned away because the gym says they only train women who are 18 years of age or younger (where they do that at) and Hoopz is too old.  They say it is for insurance reasons but it sounds like b.s. to me.  I'm just saying.  Usually you have to be 18 or older for insurance reasons but I digress.  Nonetheless Hoopz apparently lost her mind outside the gym in response to not being let in.  Shaq was basically embarrased due to her tirade and outburst and the a fight between the couple insued.  She allegedly called him some not so nice names and Shaq was like forget it, kick rocks.  My words not his, but you get what I'm sayin'.  It is over. 

Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander had this to say on twitter about the Hoopz and Shaq break up.

Sucks that I've always been a target 4 untrue hateful nagative rumors.  I always wonder how these ppl can sleep at night!
-Nicole Alexander (@TheRealHoopz) Aug. 27, 2012
Umm, so does that mean she is saying that they did not break up.  How do you deal with a break-up that is of such high profile as this one?  Well, hit twitter and start insinuating that the rumors are false. And they could very well be false.  The two were spotted in Boston just a few weeks ago where Shaq was finishing up soem scenes for new Adam Sandler Movie Grown Ups 2.  Maybe it was just real nasty fight.


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