Monday, October 8, 2012

Jay-Z to Release EP of Songs From Brooklyn Barclay Shows

If you are anything like me you were not fortunate enought to catch the eight sold-out shows in which Jay-Z performed at the Barclay Center. Yes, he shut it down out in Brooklyn (at least that is what I heard) Do not fret my fellow Hov fan, Jay-Z will be putting out an EP of selected songs featured in the Barclay performances.  The best part is that we will not have to wait long as this EP will be available on Tuesday October 9, 2012 and is to be entitled "Live In Brooklyn".  It's to included 8 songs and videos for you listening and viewing pleasure.  Oh what a treat, I cannot wait to hit Itunes tomorrow and download my copy. 

Jay is such a genourous guy because not only is he providing us with this mini EP but he also gave some Brooklynites the chance to see him in person with out even having a ticket when he decided to take the subway to the Barclay Center last Saturday.  Apparently this was the first time in 18 yrs that he has taken this form of public transportation and from the looks of the video I can definitely see why. All for the fans though which is why you just gotta love HOV!

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