Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lil Wayne Kisses Stevie J On Lips On Stage -- Video

Lil Wayne is back at it again.  Kissing rappers and movin' on like nothing even happened.  This time there is video of him kissing Stevie J on stage in Miami (check it out below).  On stage in front of all his adoring fans!  I am just a little bit confused. Is the act of one straight man kissing another straight man on the lips the new hip thing to do now? I tend to be removed from whats going on out there in the streets so I have to ask these questions. 

Really no on should be surprised that Lil Wayne is yet again seen kissing a man on the mouth.  That is what he does. We all know about him kissing Birdman and his excuse was that Birdman is like a farther to him.  Well what is his excuse for kissing Stevie J?  Maybe he just could not resist that rat face of his.  I'm just sayin.


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