Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kris Jenner To Host Daily Talk Show on Fox

Kris Jenner, also know as Kim Kardashian's momager, is looking into hosting a daily talk show that will air on Fox. Nooooo, sorry this is the first thing that entered my head when I discovered this news.  I am deeply in love with daytime television and the last thing I need is for this woman to ruin it for me.  Of course this could just be a rumor, and I was hoping that was the case, but no such luck.  A rep for Kris Jenner said that she "has been in discussions for two years to do a talk show."

Ugh, my heart just dropped. So now I must prepare myself for unappreciated interruption of my currently pleasant daytime TV experience. Kris Jenner has co-hosted The Talk and the Today so I guess she feels that she is qualified to host her own show now. Deadline reports that the talk show could air as early as next summer for a six-week test run.  It is safe to say that I most definitely will not be watching.  I just do not find her to be entertaining enough to warrant hosting a daily, daily being the key term her, talk show. I can only stomach her in small doses, once a week, after 10pm. Now Klohe Kardashian in the other hand is witty and always tells it like it is.  She is more deserving of a daily talk show and I would tune in religiously.  I guess I should be happy that there are no reports that Kim Kardashian will be hosting a show.

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