Monday, October 15, 2012

Kim Kardashian wears Sheer Skirt but Forgets Panties

Kim and Kanye headed to dinner at Prime 112
 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted out in Miami headed to dinner at Prime 112.  Kim was wearing and obviously sheer, gray pencil skirt but wait a appears that she has forgotten to wear panties.  How much do you want to bet that this was done on purpose. She know that the camera's follow her EVERYWHERE that she goes so there is no way that she just "forgot" to put her panties on.  Yup, she is a real "class act"

Convieniently enough, the couple ran into Reggie Bush on the way out of the restaurant.  How strategic.  A camera woman approached Kim and Kanye and when she asked if Kanye had taken the time to congratulate Reggie Bush on his girlfriends pregnancy Kanye pushed the camera way to prevent further taping.  Oh c'mon Kanye, you know you wanted to be taped and photographed.  That's why you told kim not to wear her panties to dinner.  Check out the pics below.

Kim where are your PANTIES!!

I can't even hate.....That bi*#$ fine!


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