Monday, August 27, 2012

"Dive" Latest New Music Video from Usher

Ladies!!!!  If you have not checked out Ushers new music video for his new single Dive.  Why would you wan't to do this, you may ask.  Well, umm, if seeing Usher soaking wet while singing his heart out on a sinking yacht is your kind of thing (it definantly is mine) then you just might want to do what I tell you to do and check this video out A.S.A.P.  Oh, now your awake huh?

This is one of Ushers latest new music videos which also features Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman.  But we don't really care about her.  What really matters is how gosh darn sexy Usher is looking while singing and being soaking wet at the same damn time. Oh, thank you so much Usher for all the naked screen time you have provided me with today.  It is so very hard to have a bad day while watching this video.  This new music from Usher is not short of great vocals as well as great visuals, my man Usher never fails. 


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