Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kanye Drops Track "White Dress" And Plans To Marry Kim Kardashian

Word on the street is that Kanye will be dropping a new track entitled White Dress which apparently is all about wedding the new love of his life Kim Kardashian and meeting her at the end of the isle.  Wow, really Kanye is it that serious. It looks like Kim is taking it pretty seriously since she posted pics of herself in a white dress that looks very bridal.  Ummm, shouldn't that dress be more of an off-white or cream color? I'm just sayin'

 The new track White Dress is set to debut on his new upcoming album The Man With The Iron Fist soundtrack.  So on October 23rd you all should be on the look out for this album.  I was able to get my hands on a little piece of the lyrics from the romantic rhyme.

"Now she back in the club in a tight dress with dreams of someday wearing a white dress,"
"Even though I met you in the club in a tight dress/At first sight I could picture you in a white dress."
Man I tell you, when Kanye falls he falls hard.  Are maybe it is just me falling for this obvious publicity stunt.  What are the chances that he would release a song called White Dress around the same time that he starts a relationship with a publicity crazed woman who is desperate to be married and even marries just for publicity.  Call me gullible. 


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