Friday, August 31, 2012

MTV Cancelled Jersey Shore After Six Seasons

It time to say goodbye to the Jersey Shore.  MTV has decided to cancel Jersey Shore after six seasons of being on air.  Oh c'mon, we all knew this had to come to an end at some point, right?  They had a good long run and they made good use of their fame.  It's a good idea to end things before the show got stale.  Oh, wait a minute I think that already happened.  Anyway, this is what some of the members of the cast of Jersey Shore  had to say about the ending of the show.

Yes, sadly it's true.  This upcoming season of Jersey Shore will be our last. But it was fricken INSANE. I will always love my roomies!"

Pauly D
"All good Things Must Come To An End, But #TeamDPaulyD lives on and it's just getting started!!!  Tweet I Am #TeamDjPaulyD If You With Me"

"I can always go work for Danny at the shore store! lol

Looks like everyone is in good spirits.  I have the sneaky suspicion that we will not be seeing the last of the cast of Jersey Shore


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