Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kevin Hart Has $10K Stripper Habit

According to my sources the word on the street is the the Seriously Funny Kevin Hart has a passion not only for jokes but also for strippers.  Yes, I said strippers!  When you got all that dough burnin' a hole in ya pocket I guess the only thing to do is to make it rain!  Sources say that a well known stripper who can be found in Atlanta or Miami depending on the day of the week say that according to the buzz in the strip clubs Kevin Hart is very generous with the "rain" if you get my drift.  Her claim is that he spends upwards of $10K in one week.  Oh my, maybe I should learn how to do a hand stand or something.  I just need a little bit of that.  I'm just sayin'

Check out some uncensored pics of Kevin Hart emptying his pockets and paying some single mother's college tuition.  All I gotta say about this is get ya paper boo boo!


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