Monday, August 13, 2012

Chuck D Puts Jay Z and Kanye West on Blast!

According to Chuck D has recoreds a record by the name of Catch The Throne in response the the collabo Watch the Throne of Kanye and Jay Z. 

Chuck says "Hip-Hop  celebrates those that want to make a killing, instead of those that can make a living."  I am not sure what he means by this.  Either one of those scenarios would be just fine with me so what is the real issue?  Who knows?  Maybe he is just trying to make himself relevent again.  Really, he has no need to do this since he and other main rapper Flavour Flav are still recording and touring. 

Retirement is not in Chucks near future.  When asked about this he said: "I would like to [still be going in another 25 years].  B.B. King's still doing it at 87."  We all gotta hae goals!


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