Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Town After Police Interrogation

Lindsay was part of a police interrogation yesterday regarding the alleged burglary in Hollywood Hills.  This questioning took place after an all night party in a Hollywood Hills mansion.  During this party is when several high priced watches and sunglasses went missing.  The owner of the house believes it was someone who was invited to the party that performed the alleged burglary.  Lindsay Lohan was sure to let the police know that she had absolutely nothing to do with the missing property.  However, she is expected to be catching a flight out of L.A. this afternoon headed to New York where her mother Dina resides.  So the question I have is why would you be so quick to leave town if you have nothing to do with this burglary incident.  This does not look good for Mz. Lohan.  Just when we thought she was putting her thieving ways behind her, here she is in the middle of a police interrogation about yet ANOTHER stolen property situation.  Wrong place, wrong time maybe?  I think Lindsay needs to lock herself indoors and only come out to work.  No more socializing for you Mz. Lohan because trouble seems to follow you. 


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