Monday, August 13, 2012

Kim Kardashion Exposes Multiple Personalities


Here we have Miss Kim Kardashian showing off her so called "multiple personalities ".  The first set is of her in a strapless, multi-colored mini dress and the second set shows of the famous (or should I say infamous curves in an all black fit complete with a M.J. esque hat and knee high boots. 

I personally do not see the "multiple personalities" they all look like the same superficial chic to me.  However, do get what she is trying to say.  I may not be a huge Kim K. fan but I cannot deny that the chic has a bod.  She looks good in the pic and I am especially diggin' that all black get up.  Can I be mad because she only seems to have the one good quality.  You know....that ass!  I could be but that really won't stop her from cashing in on it so I might as well accept her and it for what it is.


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