Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mariah Carey Refuses to Host Idol with Nicki Minaj

Ok, so a little birdie has informed me of some rumored drama between the future host of American Idol Mariah Carey and possible host Nicki Minaj.  Apparently Mariah was told that Nicki Minaj would not be hosting American Idol because if she is to be a host then Mariah Carey would not at all be interested in sitting in a judges seat next to her.

My question is what is the problem with Nicki judging along side Mariah.  Do you think that maybe Mariah does not think that she is up to her caliber?  Or maybe Mariah just does not want to be associated with the likes of Mz. Minaj and all that she stands for.  I do not know what the problem is but if it does not get ironed out soon we may not be seeing Mariah in the judges seat anytime soon.  In my opinion if you had to pick one over the other please go with the one who has the true all out talent.  Just in case you were wondering who I am refereing to it would be Mariah Carey all the way, of course.  Chile please, we all know that the dang Minaj can not hold a tune if her life depended on it.  The last I checked this is a SINGING competition.  Now if she wants to judge some rappers then by all means go at it.  Otherwise I might lose my mind if I catch her on Idol calling herself judgin' somebody.  I'm just sayin'!


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