Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stevie J and Joseline Make a "How to Sex Guide"

I am shaking my head even as I write this craziness, but sadly my sources are telling me these two hoe's (for lack of a better word) have decided to put out a video "How to Sex Guide".  Oh my goodness somebody get me a barf bag STAT!!!

I guess because Joseline keeps braggin about how good Stevie J is in bed and all his hoeish antics the two of them feel like they can teach everyone else a few things.  I'm sorry but I do not want to learn how to become a "cum dumptser".  Ok, I guess that is a bit harsh but I just cannot stand Stevie J and anyone who allows themself to be associated with him no matter what the reason may be. 

Apparently during a interview Stevie J hinted that Joseline may be making an explicit guide for couples.  This has turned into a public service announcement.  Please by do not by any means take any kind of advice whatsoever from the likes of Stevie J or Joseline.  Unless your goal in life is to become a professional whore then I advice you to stay away from any "how to" guides that these two create.  Real talk!  During his interview Stevie J had this to say:

"Yeah, we might be doing the lovemaking guide, we got the book coming, the t-shirts coming."  "Just the way players play. A manual for the ladies and a manual for the gentlemen with my perspective on ho to handle things."
Ugh, I just....I just can't even report on this anymore.  My soul hurts.  Just be on the look out for this garbage so you can KEEP AWAY!


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